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        How to eat canned dace with Douchi

        2021-03-17 1331

        How to eat canned dace with Douchi? Maybe many people will think, of course, eat it directly! No, the canned dace is not just for direct consumption. It can also be used to make fried dishes and appear on everyone's daily table!

        Eating method 1: eat directly. For many people who are chasing dramas or surfing the Internet, it's delicious to snack on canned Douchi and mud carp while entertaining.


        Eating method 2: eat with rice. Life is busy, work is tense, when there is no time to cook, or when the takeout taste is not good. Why don't you have lobster sauce and dace with rice? It's salty and spicy!

        Eating method 3: stir fry vegetables. After adding Douchi, the nutritious and tender mud carp not only has nutrition, but also improves the taste by N grades. For those who like to eat, you can also make delicious scrambled eggs with lobster sauce and mud carp when cooking. In addition, it is also a favorite dish for many people.

        Article source: processing of dace with Douchihttp://www.www.a1choiceinc.com/

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