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        Origin of canned dace with Douchi

        2021-03-17 1212

        At the end of the 19th century, when many Cantonese went to work in Nanyang, they would dry the mud carp in their hometown, and at the same time, they would bring Douchi to solve the problem of eating on the road. Once upon a time, it was found that Douchi and mud carp mixed together and tasted surprisingly good. In this way, more and more migrant workers would bring Douchi and mud carp.

        After that, people began to produce canned Douchi dace. The formula of canned Douchi dace has not changed for more than 100 years, and it is still the same flavor as that of the past.

        Before that, I always thought that in order to make dace with Douchi, we must first marinate or steam the Douchi and dace together. Otherwise, how can we combine the flavor of dace and Douchi. But in fact, Douchi and mud carp actually began to meet in cans.


        The mud carp needs to be cleaned and pickled first, and then soaked in the seasoning liquid for a certain period of time. At this time, the dried fish is steaming hot and delicious, but the meat is soft, the bone is hard and the taste is light. After that, the lobster sauce is put into the can, and then the mud carp is put in. At this time, the lobster sauce and mud carp are independent individuals. If you want to make their flavor begin to merge, you must add oil.

        When the refined soybean oil is injected into the can, the color and aroma of Douchi and mud carp are excited. Then the can goes through the process of vacuum, sealing and high temperature sterilization. Under the effect of high temperature, the oil in the can penetrates into the fish. Douchi also diffuses its own aroma into the fish through the medium of oil, so as to achieve the feeling of harmony. Under the action of high temperature, fish bone is also decomposed and softened to become edible. When you open the can, you can really find the change of fish and Douchi.

        Article source: export of Douchi dace http://www.www.a1choiceinc.com/

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