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        How is the canned mud carp processed?

        2021-03-17 1113

        It can be said that we eat a lot of dace cans at present, and there are many brands. As for the raw materials, it must be mud carp. It's a kind of culturable fish. The meat is very sweet and delicious. During the manufacture, the mud carp are usually refrigerated.

        First of all, we can also be very strict with the clothing of the manufacturing workshop and staff. Generally, the frozen mud carp is put into a special freezing chamber to freeze, and then there will be a machine to select the mud carp and distinguish its size and weight.

        Then, some workers will manually operate the selected mud carp to clean up the viscera and debris in the belly of the fish and wash them with water. The whole process is very standardized. Then put the cleaned mud carp into the VAT, sprinkle a lot of salt and marinate for about 20 minutes.


        The pickled mud carp can be transferred to a special high-temperature machine for baking. The water in the mud carp is evaporated clean to make a very thin dried mud carp. This is the semi-finished product. The whole process is done according to the requirements of hygiene. The machine is also placed in the sealed room alone. Do you feel relieved when you look at it?

        Bake the mud carp for about 20 minutes to make dried mud carp. Then, the mud carp will be weighed by manual operation, and then put into the can, then mixed with Douchi and oil, and then weighed again. A worker can pack thousands of mud carp cans a day. And that's not the end of it.

        The canned mud carp should be heated to make the Douchi taste well. Then we need vacuum disinfection, and then put the lid on the vacuum machine, so that a dace can is really completed. The canned mud carp can be eaten directly, and the taste is very good.

        Article source: processing of canned mud carp http://www.www.a1choiceinc.com

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