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        What should you pay attention to when you buy canned food?

        2021-03-17 1195

        When purchasing canned food, you should pay attention to the following items:

        1. Don't buy canned food if it is found that there is swelling, bulging cap, elastic can or concave can when you buy canned food, because the contents of such cans may have been directly affected by biological action or chemical change and are not suitable for eating.

        2. Can rust may cause can perforation, microorganism is easy to enter and make food corrupt. The cans with scratches, distorted seams or heavy concave cans may be bruised during transportation or storage. In order to ensure the safety of quality, it is not recommended to buy such cans.


        3. Pick up the can and shake it gently. If there is juice flowing out, it means that the seal is not tight. Canned mud carp processing seal is not tight, microorganisms are easy to get in and out, so that the content is polluted, this kind of canned do not buy.

        4. Some can labels will indicate that certain additives are added to the can. As long as they meet the requirements, consumers can eat them at ease, because the main purpose of adding additives is to maintain the nutritional value, flavor, appearance and other quality of food. As long as they are used properly, they will not be harmful to human body.

        5. The production date is not. But in general, canned food with good sealing condition can be preserved for one to two years. Some cans will also be marked with the period of consumption. If they have expired or are not clearly marked, do not buy them.

        Article source: processing of canned mud carp http://www.www.a1choiceinc.com/

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